step 1

After a telephone consultation or the processing of an email request by us, you will receive the requested information.

step 2

If you decide on a treatment, an appointment in the clinic is agreed. You will receive an appointment confirmation with all the necessary information. Inform yourself also on our homepage about arrival and accommodation possibilities.

step 3

The following results are necessary for the appointment in the clinic:

  1. hormone status (2nd - 5th cycle day): FSH, LH, PRL, TSH, AMH - woman
  2. vag. smear: Chlamydia - woman
  3. spermiogram - man
  4. serology: HBsAg, anti HCV, anti HBc, HIV, TPHA (only if present) - both partners

step 4

After making an appointment, travel to Pilsen / Teplice / Karlovy Vary/Prague for a consultation. At this appointment, you will already receive (if desired) the  hormone medication and a treatment plan. Please find out from us which results are necessary for the consultation. Payment information can be found in the confirmation email.The credit card payment is possible.

step 5

At one of the next cycles, you then start hormone treatment at home according to your treatment plan. The ultrasound checks can take place at your gynecologist or in the Czech Republic. They will then inform the clinic in the Czech Republic about the start of hormone stimulation and the results of the ultrasound check. You will receive an appointment for the follicle puncture from the clinic in the Czech Republic.

step 6

Then you will travel to Pilsen / Teplice / Karlovy Vary/ Prague for follicular puncture and embryo transfer. Between puncture an embryotransfer are 4 - 6 days. Please book an accommodation near the clinic for this period.


Appointments in Prague

Prague: please ask us 


   (0049) 09402 - 9479010     


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